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How To Care For Your Socks

Posted on January 12 2016

Sock Care

Over the weekend one of the Yo Sox team members had a very upsetting moment: when she went to pull on one of favorite pairs of awesome socks, she realized that there was a giant hole in toe!

We get that through everyday wear and tear eventually your socks will lose their shape and wear out. But in order to ease the inevitable, we have come up with some tips for keeping your socks in tip-top condition, that will hopefully improve the longevity of your favorite socks.

Your socks most likely get washed the most out of all your items of clothing. Just like washing your hair too often can actually damage your hair, making regular trips to the washing machine can actually limit the lifespan of your socks.

Wash similar colors together:
Wash like colored socks together, just as you would wash similar colored clothes together. Washing light colored socks with dark clothing can actually cause them to lose their vibrancy.

Avoid fabric softener:
There are now socks for exercising, anti-bacterial and odor control socks and higher-quality dress socks and now many of these socks have natural or synthetic wicking properties, which move moisture away from the feet. So using a fabric softener can actually damage this wicking ability.

Avoid the dryer:
Drying your socks in the dryer is actually really hard on your socks, because the high heat can actually shorten the life-span of the elasticity in socks.

Avoid ironing or dry cleaning socks:
We can't say that we have ever taken our socks to be dry cleaned, but we think it's safe to say that many people probably do. This is fine if your okay with replacing your socks more often, because just like the dryer, the high heat used at dry cleaners will damage your socks. Same goes for ironing your socks. Just avoid high heat at all costs.

We get that it's really easy to just bunch your socks up and cram them into a drawer. But bunching your socks can actually result in unwanted pressure on the elastic of the sock. So in order to maintain the shape of your sock, firstly, make sure that all your socks are properly paired up, then lay them out flat and fold them accordingly.

Also in order to prevent having an over-crowded sock drawer, separate your seasonal socks. Keep your winter socks under your bed or in storage until you absolutely need them and keep your summer socks separate.

Without a doubt your socks need to fit. Wearing socks that are too small is often the cause for holes to form. The same thing goes for socks that are too big. If you wear big socks, they will bunch and drag as you walk and rub improperly against your shoes.

Finally you need to make sure your toenails are trimmed, as the nails will get caught on the material and snag over time.

If you follow these simple steps we guarantee that your favorite socks will have a long and happy life!



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