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Beating The Winter Blues

Posted on January 26 2016

Pineapple Socks

If you're like most people, winter probably isn't your favorite season. It's dark, cold, you're stuck inside a lot, and the weather is just...awful.

When the winter months arrive, some people report suffering from what's called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood disorder related to the change in seasons.

This is when you might feel slightly down because of the lack of sunlight during the fall and winter months.

Often it's suggested that you get outside and take advantage of what sunlight there is each day.

Other ways to fix SAD is to maintain a regular schedule and get at least eight hours of sleep, which can help alleviate seasonal depression.

The Yo Sox team has another suggestion to ease the blues this winter. We suggest that you add a pair of awesome tropical socks to your repertoire.

Yo Sox has a number of new pairs of tropical themed socks, so if you're feeling bummed out by the dreary winter weather, this is the perfect way to bring a little bit of sunshine into your wardrobe.

Palm Tree Socks


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