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All About Avocados!

Posted on February 02 2016

Avocado Facts


North America is obsessed with avocados and with good reason. Besides being a tasty snack they can be used as skin rejuvenating face masks, as a butter replacement when you're cooking and one serving of avocado has more potassium than a banana.

The Yo Sox team definitely has a soft spot for these healthy treats, so we've rounded up some interesting facts about avocados that we hope you don't already know.

1.) Avocados only ripen once they are picked from a tree. You can leave an avocado on a tree for up to 18 months before it needs to be picked.

2.) These green beauties grow year-round. But only in tropical and subtropical climates.

3.) Avocado trees really need love if you want them to grow, as they can’t actually pollinate by themselves. If they’re gonna bear fruit, they need another avocado tree nearby.

4.) If you're tired of having to wait days on end for your avocados to ripen, put them in a paper bag with other fruits. The natural ethylene gas will make them ripen faster.

5.) Leave an avocado pit in your bowl of fresh guacamole, it won’t brown as quickly.

6.) The avocados of the early 20th century were still called “alligator pears” for their bumpy, olive skin.

7.) These little green beauty's are a super fruit, as they're inexpensive anti-aging tools for your skin. Don't let their rough exterior fool you — the inner smoothness and creaminess are what we need for youthful skin. With all of the nutrients, healthy fat and vitamins, an avocado tree could be the next fountain of youth.

8.) Avocados are actually a fruit, not a vegetable. But more importantly, they're apart of the berry family.

9.) Avocados are actually full of protein. One avocado contains four grams of protein, which is one of the highest amounts coming from a fruit.

10.) Avocados also look great on a pair of awesome socks! Yo Sox has designed a pair of funky socks that are perfect for all avocado aficionados of the world.

Avocado Socks


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