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The Benefits of Wearing Crazy Socks

Posted on February 23 2016

Yo Sox

It's no secret that people who wear crazy socks have no problem showing off their personalities.

And according to a recent article by Your Tango, people who wear crazy socks are actually considered to be more intelligent, successful and revolutionary, than those who stick to wearing plain socks.

These "crazy socks" can include bright color combinations, animals, vibrant patterns, or even food patterns. As long as they avoid safe color combinations like browns or blacks, a funky sock pattern can reveal a lot about the person who is wearing them.

Wearing statement socks creates an approachable vibe. People might feel more at ease to talk to you because you look more relaxed and carefree than those who wear traditional socks.

"Colorful or character socks show playfulness and make a great icebreaker or way to connect with others," wrote Your Tango. "Another possible advantage of wearing fanciful socks and other unexpected attire: You build a brand as the gutsy guy or a creative type, and other times it may give you more room to bend or break the rules."

A New York Times piece credits the tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley for the attention getting, outrageously patterned socks trend among power players, and how wearing these flashy socks signals that you're part of the "in crowd".

And there's no better way to gauge success but from those in the geek-chic community.

Our clothing choices can also dictate not only the way others see and treat us, but our own self-perception. According to a study conducted by Northwestern University by social psychologist Dr. Adam Galinsky, what we wear can actually affect the way we think.

"We introduce the term enclothed cognition to describe the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes," the researchers wrote.

In other words, wearing certain clothing can change the way we think and act, and can give us the confidence to take on certain tasks we might not normally want to do. Which shows that wearing colorful socks might actually help us feel more courageous and more willing to take more chances.

By taking more chances, you will not only begin to think more creatively, but in turn become more successful. Because crazy sock-wearing is the hallmark of a champion and a boss.

So if you feel as if your life is lacking some color, the Yo Sox team recommends incorporating some statement socks into your wardrobe.


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