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Style Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on March 08 2016

Style Socks

When it comes to mastering men's style, no one said that it would be easy. Like any great challenge in life, practice makes perfect. And the same goes for men's fashion. The more you practice different styles, you'll master them. 

But it's totally understandable that men don't always look like they've stepped off the pages of a GQ ad. But with that being said, there's definitely a few fashion don’ts that men should avoid making at all costs when it comes to looking sharp. 

From dress pants that are far too long, to wearing white socks with a suit, we've rounded up the top style mistakes that men should avoid. 

Pants That Are Too Long:
Wearing dress pants that are too loose fitting, to the point where they puddle over the tops of your shoes, looks very unkempt. The pants that you wear with a suit should touch the tops of your shoes and there shouldn't be any bunching of fabric. 

Matching Exactly:
When it comes to accessorizing a man's suit, you can't overdo it. But when it comes to livening up a suit, you should try to stick with three main accessories: cufflinks, a statement tie and an attractive pocket square. But when it comes to pairing the tie and pocket square, you don't want a complete match. These accessories should be complementary to an outfit, not the focal point. Wearing accessories that are too similar will only draw unwanted attention.

Wearing a Tie That's Too Long or Too Short:
When wearing a necktie, it's extremely important that it's worn at the right length. If a tie is too long, it looks extremely sloppy. At the same time, when a tie is too short, it can look juvenile. The tip of the tie should rest just on top of the middle of a belt buckle, or waistband.

The Outfit Assassin:
There's nothing worse than seeing a man that who appears to look very put together, wearing a very smart suit, with a season appropriate tie, only to realize that they've mistaken their white gym socks for their work socks. Like accessories, dress socks need to compliment the colours in the suit and accessories.

When selecting socks you can either go the safe route and match your socks to your shoes and dress pants, for example: black pants with black shoes and black socks. But the Yo Sox team suggests going the fun route and opting for socks in bold solid colours, classic patterns like argyle or paisley, or if you're feeling really daring, you can go with novelty items or themed socks.

If you're going to go with a more colourful sock, go for a pair that complements something else in the outfit. Pair the socks with the colour scheme in your pocket square, dress shirt, or sports jacket.

Photo Credit: @jamestiffanyphotography and @atlasandmason VIA Yo Sox Instagram


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