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Celebrate Pi Day

Posted on March 14 2016

pi day

If you’re looking for an excuse to eat pizza today you’re in luck, as today, today (March 14th, 3/14) is pi day. And while, technically today is meant for honoring the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, 3.14159265359 or 3.14 for short, it’s also a day to celebrate everything pi, or pie related.  Celebrations of the day also coincide with Albert Einstein's birthday.

Throughout history, this number has intrigued people because there is no proper way to calculate it exactly by a simple division on your calculator. 

Last year’s date, 3.14.2015.was especially significant because it matched the first four digits after the decimal point. This year, some math lovers have already started calling 3.14.16 “Rounded Pi Day” rounding up the four digits.

Pi day can be celebrated in a number of ways, most commonly by eating pies, or pieces of pizza, holding math quizzes and discussing the significance of the number. Or another fun activity is challenging your friends or other math aficionados to see who can recall the highest number of decimal places on the pi equation.  

The Yo Sox team also suggests wearing a pair of awesome socks covered in slices of pizza or other pie related items.


Pizza Socks


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