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Tax Filing Season

Posted on March 18 2016

Tax Socks

Now that March is officially underway, it means that many of us should have already, or are beginning to file our 2015 taxes.

If you’ve already started filing them, you’re already ahead of the game, but regardless, there’s nothing more frustrating than filing your taxes. Well… maybe a few things. To ease the headache that comes with taxes, the Yo Sox team rounded up a few things that might actually be as frustrating as taxes.

Finding a Spider and Losing it
Crossing paths with a spider is bad enough as is it, but seeing one in your house and losing sight of it is worse. Once you've lost track of a spider, it could hiding anywhere, waiting to sneak up on you again.

Waking up Before Your Alarm
There’s nothing more annoying than staying up late and then waking up before your alarm goes off and not being able to fall back asleep. Even if you try to drift back to sleep, even if only for a few minutes, you’re wide awake. 

Losing Your Phone
We can’t help that we live in a world that’s driven by our phones. And the moment that you misplace or lose your cell, you literally feel as if your world is falling apart, at least for a few moments. We rely so much on our phones that being phoneless can send you into a sheer panic.

Losing the Match for Your Favourite Pair of Socks
When you were younger wearing mismatched socks was somewhat acceptable. But as you get older, losing a sock and being forced to wear opposite socks just looks childish. So instead of feeling obligated to wear unmatched socks, check out Yo Sox’s amazing collection of awesome socks and find yourself a new favourite pair to wear. 


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