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April Fools Day Pranks That Won't Get You Fired

Posted on March 31 2016

April Fools

For those who don’t know, tomorrow is April Fools Day.  A day that's dreaded by many, but if executed accordingly, you can orchestrate some hilarious fun. And there's no better place for wisecracks and shenanigans than at work.

But if you're planning on taking part in the fun this year, avoid dropping any hints about your mischievous plans. Be as a patient as possible, and your colleagues will never suspect you're the diabolical mastermind behind the shenanigans that take place throughout the day.

So don't let this Friday be just another ordinary day at the office. Use it as your one-day of the year to successfully get away with tormenting your colleagues with some unsuspected fun. Just try not do anything that will get you fired.

Newspaper Wrap
Sometimes the pranks that require a bit extra time end with the sweetest results. You'll need to either stay at the office late the night before, or come in early, but all you need to do is take a few old newspapers and cover everything at someone’s cubicle in newspaper. From their mouse, to their stapler, tape different sections of the paper everywhere.

Ceiling Fan 
Before everyone gets into the office, place confetti, glitter, shredded paper, or any other annoying material on top of the office ceiling fans. Throughout the day complain that it's too hot in the office and when someone eventually flicks the fan on, everyone will be in for a big surprise. Just make sure your coworkers don't figure out your the one behind the mess, or you'll be the one stuck cleaning it up.

Sock Trouble
Finally, this prank works perfectly if you have a roommate, even more so if they pre-plan what they wear to work the night before. Take their socks, and swap one of the socks for a really bold and crazy sock. So when they’re stumbling in the dark to get ready for work, they’ll have no idea they’re wearing two unmatched socks. This is less of a prank and more about good fun.


Happy pranking!


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