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Spring Clean Your Sock Drawer

Posted on April 01 2016

Perfect Sock Drawer

Spring is finally in the air! And because of this, many of us have started to spring clean our homes. 

But often certain areas of our homes go overlooked and forgotten during the cleaning process. The sock drawer in particular tends to get forgotten. 

So set some time aside this weekend and seriously take a look at the mess that has developed in your sock drawer and get it organized and cleaned — once and for all. 

Follow our easy sock drawer cleaning tips and you’ll have your spring cleaning finished in no time.

-Take a look at all of your socks. If any have holes, or missing its match, toss them.

-Next, take a look at what pairs you have left and eliminate any socks that you haven’t worn in the last year.

-Maybe you were really into brown socks for the last few years, but then more recently, you started buying tons of bold statement socks. Get rid of any styles that you no longer wear, or think are out of style. This will help free up space so you can buy more pairs of awesome socks this year.

-Now it’s time to organize your drawer. Use drawer separators to keep socks and underwear separated. Finally remember to always keep your socks folded and with its proper pair. This will help keep your drawer organized and cleaned and make your getting process much easier in the morning, as you’ll always know where your favourite pairs of awesome socks are.

Happy spring-cleaning everyone!


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