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Justin Trudeau's Sock Game

Posted on April 06 2016

Justin Trudeau Sock Game

He’s only been in office for five months, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already accomplished so much. He started leading the country by establishing a cabinet with as many women as men, welcoming more than 25,000 refugees, and he also promised to usher in a new era of feminism for the country.

But he has also won over Canada, not to mention the rest of the world, with his impressive style, which extends all the way down to his toes, with his suave sock style — which continues to grab international attention.

Justin Trudeau Socks
Justin Trudeau Socks
Justin Trudeau Socks
Justin Trudeau Socks
Justin Trudeau Socks


The liberal leader has been seen rocking stripes, argyle patterns, skull and crossbones, and very patriotic maple leafs — and they show off the fun side of his personality. His socks also set him apart from other world leaders who only wear black or dull socks. 

By wearing funky socks, Trudeau shows that he isn’t afraid to stand up against societal norms. He also demonstrates that he isn’t afraid to let social standards dictate everything he does, especially on his feet. And in turn, people respect him for it.

We’re hoping Prime Minister Trudeau can rock a pair of awesome Yo Sox at one of his upcoming events. The Yo Sox team believes he would look great in a pair of our extremely patriotic Canadian flag inspired socks. 

Canada Socks


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  • Wade: April 01, 2018

    Did he end up wearing a pair of your socks? I would love to see him in a pair of Yo Sox!

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