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Things You Didn’t Like as a Kid But Love as an Adult

Posted on April 07 2016

Alien Socks

As a kid there were so many things that you absolutely despised; vegetables we’re looking at you. But as you’ve gotten older you’ve learned to love these certain things.

It’s almost as if once you hit a certain age you realized that there are certain things in life that are actually good for you and your parents weren’t just trying to force them on you as an evil prank. 

So we’ve rounded up everything we absolutely hated as a kid, that we actually love now as an adult.

Eating salads or anything healthy
You felt like you were being punished if you were given a salad for lunch as a child. Now they’re all you ever want to eat.

Furniture shopping
How many times did you try to fake being sick so you could get out of going furniture shopping as a kid? Now it’s the highlight of your weekend.

Dinner parties
Attending these with your folks basically drove you to tears. Now getting dressed up and getting to drink champagne at dinner is one of your favourite activities. 

Watching the news 
Following the news is always important, but as a kid that was the last thing you wanted to sit through.

Having to go to bed 
Going to bed or being told to take a nap was torture as a kid because all you wanted to do was play. As an adult, you dream of taking naps and of the evenings when you can actually go to bed before 11:30 p.m.

Receiving practical gifts 
As a kid, you always had that one relative who loved to give practical gifts like sweaters and socks, which you secretly hated. Now receiving a pair of awesome socks is the best gift you can get! Especially since socks are so much more fun now.

Alien Socks


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