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Things You Can’t Fly Without

Posted on April 18 2016

Travel Tips

There’s nothing worse than being on a flight and realizing that you forgot something really important at home while you were rushing to make it to the airport.

Travelling can be a seamless process if you remember to pack a number of travel must-haves for your flight.  So the next time you’re about to jet off somewhere make sure to remember to pack the following travel necessities.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
You never know when a baby is going to start crying or the guy sitting next to you won’t stop talking. A pair of noise cancelling headphones will be a life savor on your next flight — especially if it’s a long one. 

Travel Pillow
Being abruptly woken up while flying because of a stiff neck can really put a kink in your flight. Ensure that you’re always comfortable by using a travel pillow. Try buying a deflatable one that won’t take up any extra space in your bag once you’re done.

Nothing exposes an amateur traveller than asking the flight attendant to borrow a pen when it comes time to fill out your declaration card. Come prepared with a pen and help those around you who have made the mistake. 

Things can get really chilly on a plane, so keep your feet nice and warm with a pair of cozy socks. Packing a pair of socks in your carry on will also ensure that you don’t have to touch the dirty floor while walking through security or on the plane.

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