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Coachella Style

Posted on April 22 2016

Coachella Fashion

Get out your fringe vest and crop tops: Coachella weekend two kicks off today!

Over the weekend, music fans and just about every fashionista under the sun will be displaying their best Woodstock- worthy festival styles. And since what you wear is almost as important as who’s playing, Yo Sox is here to help complete your outfit with our great socks that will have you grooving at every music venue all festival season long.

Jean Shorts:
Jean shorts are perfect for festivals because they're breathable, durable, and will keep you comfortable while you’re sitting on the pavement, rolling on the grass, and, of course, dancing up a storm.

Ankle Boots:
You’re going to be spending your entire weekend grooving outdoors, and no matter how hard you try, your feet will end up covered in mud. That makes ankle boots the ultimate festival footwear

Kimonos are perfect for music festivals because they’re light and breezy for the day and can keep you covered at night when the sun goes down.

Big Hat:
Hats are always a necessity for festivals because they protect your head from the hot sun, cover up your sweaty hair after dancing up a storm, and can give your friends something to look for in a sea of people in case you get lost.

There’s nothing worse than walking around in sweaty feet all day. So, of course, your festival outfit will be completed with a pair of comfy Yo Sox socks. Wear a bold pair of socks that will really allow you to show off your festival personality. These awesome bike socks are totally Coachella and Yo Sox approved.


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