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Sock Etiquette

Posted on May 18 2016

Turtle Socks

Like all great things in life — sports, how to cook, how to do your makeup — they come with rules. And whether you know it or not, there are actually rules for how to properly wear socks.

From how to properly care for them, when to wear color, and what colors to avoid, these are the rules that you must follow when selecting what socks you wear in the morning.

Caring for Them:
Like all articles of clothing, socks deserve to be treated with respect. And why shouldn’t they? They keep your feet warm and dry, prevent unwanted odors, and can even keep your ankles looking stylish when colour coordinated with what you’re wearing. 

So, you must always make sure to wash them correctly to ensure they keep their colours and fit. Make sure to always use a net bag in the washing machine and dryer; this ensures that you don’t loose a stray pair to the infamous washing machine monster. You must also remember to buy socks that actually fit. When you wear socks that are too big they can clump up in your shoes, which will prevent more wear and tear, and they will get holes much faster than socks that fit.

Go Bold (When You Can):
When you get dressed in the morning you choose clothes that are a reflection of your personality and that will also compliment what you plan on doing that day. 

The same rules apply to socks. You want to wear a pair of awesome socks that compliments your outfit and still shows off your personality. Which is why the Yo Sox team always recommends going with a pair of bold socks. Whether you’re a loud pattern guy, or you prefer more tame coloured polka dots, don’t be afraid to take risks with your socks and go bold. 

Always, Always, Always Avoid White Socks:
The biggest point that every sock wearer must remember is to always avoid wearing white socks — especially when wearing dress pants or slacks. With so many sock options available you should never have to wear white, if you don’t want to wear colour at least go with black. The only time it’s socially (and fashionably) acceptable to wear socks is when you go to the gym or when your hanging out at home.


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