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Sock Fashion In The Face

Posted on May 29 2015

Punch Fashion In The Face! That is what you should think of when considering what socks to wear.

The definition for “sock” is a “garment for the foot.” Another definition is “a hard blow.” 10 years ago, a sock was a garment for the foot. In today’s world, your socks are noticed just as much as your shirt. In today’s world, there are sock fads and sock trends. There are fashion magazines that tell you what type of socks to wear based on current fashion trends. They’re all wrong!

Socks are an expression! Your true feelings are under your pants. The socks you wear can be a garment for the foot, it can enhance your outfit, or it can be used as a form of self-expression. Do you love Tacos? Wear the Taco socks! Are you a scuba diver, wear the shark socks! We think you get the idea…Tell fashion that you don’t care what it thinks, sock it right in the jaw.

You’re bold, unique, & confident. You wear Yo Sox.

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  • Ed Cline: June 11, 2015

    Just received my second purchase of my favorite socks. This last purchase is for Father day gifts. My sons have made comments about my socks, so only reasonable to send them there own socks!!!

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