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Sock Uses: You Won`t Believe What Else You Can Do with Socks!

Posted on June 28 2015

Other than the obvious use of socks (you know… wearing them) there are plenty of other functions that our fuzzy companions can have. Now, before you get your socks in a bunch and start wondering what everyone’s been keeping from you, Yo Sox™ is here to give you the intel. Since you obviously need to make room for new, colorful Yo Sox™ socks make sure to use your old, lone-wolf socks for these life-hacks instead:  

  1. As a Drink Holder: Picture this- summer BBQ, beer pong, last cup. All you need is one final shot to claim your title as Pong Master. You go to shoot, you got this…but wait something goes wrong. The ball slips out of your hand, you get a foul, Kevin’s team gets an extra shot, sinks it, and there goes your glory. All this could have been avoided if you covered your condensation-covered beer with a sock to keep the water off your throwing-hand. Your sock-cozy will ensure you claim what’s rightfully yours and aren’t stuck drinking a warm beer…yuck. Pictured below are the Yo Sox™ Pizza & Beer Socks.


  1. To Keep Your New Socks Fresh: We all love that `fresh-out-of-the-laundry` smell, but sadly it seems to fade away faster than your memory after a few too many tequilas. Keep your clothes smelling fresh by stuffing an old (preferably clean) sock with potpourri, tying it and putting it in your clothing drawer.


  1. Create the mood: Put a few golf balls or tennis balls in a knee sock, tie the end and you have a massager that will have anyone purring. Combine this DIY with the Yo Sox™ Pin Up Girl Socks for better results.


  1. Sock Puppets: So, all your friends are getting married, having kids, and as their cool, fun, single friend, you`re their go-to emergency babysitter. If this sounds familiar, then its time you learned about the art of sock puppeteering. Take a sock, put it on your hand, and create opening and closing movements as you speak. This makes it look like it’s actually your HAND talking. Crazy, right? Feel free to take on any character you like, whether that’s a sock monkey, a sock puppy…really just any kind of animal will do. Get inspired by the Yo Sox™Henry the Purple Monster Socks and Yo Sox™ Harry the Blue Monster Socks.



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