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How to Care for your Socks 101

Posted on June 29 2015

Over time even the best of socks wear out, lose their shape, or lose their “solemate” …haha. Cheezy jokes aside, there are tonnes of preventative measures to take in order to ensure you are happy with your Yo Sox™ socks as long as possible.

To keep them in pairs: There’s nothing sadder than a “lone-wolf” sock, forever looking for its identical twin. One way of making sure your socks don’t lose each other is washing them in a garment bag. This will also help stop your socks from pilling.

To Keep Their Colour: Although it seems fairly obvious to most, be sure to separate your socks with like-coloured laundry to make sure your favourite hot pink boxers (hey, we don’t judge) don’t turn your crisp, white Yo Sox™ Taco Socks into a pink Cinqo de Mayo mess.

To Keep their Shape: If you are storing your socks for an extended period of time, make sure to lay them flat so they keep their shape. Also, avoid wringing them out to dry as this stretches the sock.

DO NOT: Unless you purposefully want discoloured and shrunken socks do not BLEACH, IRON, PUT IN DRYER or DRY CLEAN your socks.  

Keep in Mind: Many socks have specific uses so it’s best to stick to using them for the intended purposes to have the sock last longer. For example, cycling and running socks are typically socks that feature arch support and are able to wick moisture. Hiking socks are knee length socks often made of wool, while yoga socks have an exposed heel or small rubber dots for better grip on the mat.


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