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Sock Style 101: Your Guide To Socks Styling

Posted on July 02 2015

Too scared to wear bright red socks? Worried patterned socks won’t match your outfit? Not sure if Yo Sox™ is for you? There are many ways to work colourful socks into your wardrobe, no matter what your style is. No need to fear the unknown, with our help your sock game will be the envy of many. Time to pay attention, because class is in session:


It’s a common misconception that when it comes to suits, it should be serious and straight-forward. Why not spice up your 9 to 5 look with a sophisticated, yet eye-catching pair of Yo Sox ™American Polka-Dot Socks. A recent study from Harvard showed that when it comes to clothing, non-conformity has the potential to make you more successful as it reflects your ability to make creative and independent choices. So slip on some unique socks and get that promotion!    


Casual Wear

Arguably the easiest way to incorporate fun socks into your outfits is in your day-to-day casual outfits. This is where you can experiment with our more outrageous patterns such as the Yo Sox™ Cool Eyeglasses Socks. Socks with different themes are a great way to customize your outfit while simultaneously displaying your interests. Try wearing them to a party, they`re sure to be conversation starter.



Although chances are you will be wearing a suit at a wedding, the above mentioned `suit` rules need not apply. Colourful sock are a great way to keep up the wedding colours in your outfit and there`s not need to stick to just subtle patterns. Weddings are about having a good time, providing it`s open bar anyways, so let your socks reflect that! 


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