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15 Facts You Need To Know For Shark Week

Posted on July 06 2015

Da dun dun, da dun dun… The “Jaws” theme song would normally strike fear into many…but not this week. The Super Bowl of the Ocean is upon us! Yes, we’re talking about Discovery’s Shark Week. In honor of the shark-filled week, we are counting down the most important facts about shark you need to know immediately.

  1. Some sharks walk instead of swim, using their fins to stroll across the ocean floor.
  2. Dogfish sharks suffering from “sleep swimming”.
  3. Of 500 kinds of sharks, only 4 are considered dangerous to people.
  4. Sharks only have two blind spots and can see almost 360 degrees around them.
  5. A single litter of sharks can have more than one father. Someone call Maury!
  6. Male sharks find mates by biting female sharks…talk about awkward first date.
  7. Sharks can be found in all oceans. So we’ll just stick to pools.
  8. Sharks do not chew their food.
  9. Sharks in captivity bond with the staff.
  10. Although heavily over-exaggerated, the movie “Jaws” was based on a real attack in 1916.
  11. Punching a shark in the nose can fend it off during an attack…best of luck to those brave enough to try.
  12. The shark’s largest organ is its liver…making them great drinking buddies.
  13. Great white sharks do not like the taste of human.
  14. You are more likely to die from a hornets, wasps or dogs than a shark.
  15. Sharks are the inspiration behind Yo Sox™ Blue Shark Socks.  These unique socks are the perfect accessory for Shark Week that are sure to have you grinning a toothy smile. 

Shark Week 2015 is HERE and it’s going to be “jawesome”…we’ll see ourselves out now.


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