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Never Get on a Plane Without These 6 Things!

Posted on July 09 2015

For many of us summer means vacation, and vacation is basically synonymous with travel. Everyone has their own idea of what it means to travel. While for some it might mean swapping their briefcases for a backpack and going off to exotic lands, for others it might be a simple as hitting the beach.

The key to getting the most out of your vacation is being prepared, and that starts with your carry-on. The Yo Sox™ team has done their fair bit of traveling and are here to share our carry-on wisdom with you. From fuzzy socks to the most important tech, we’re counting down our airplane essentials:

  1. Adaptor: chances are you have three different types of technology that needs charging on you. Put your adaptor into your carry on for easy access or perhaps if you need to charge your tech on a layover.
  2. Evian Mineral Water Spray: although this may seem like an unnecessary splurge, this little misting spray is a life saver. It’s a great pick-me up that will having you feeling fresh after your flight.
  3. Empty Water Bottle: one way to fight jetlag is to stay hydrated, so bring an empty water bottle for the cabin crew to fill up. To save space, try a roll-up water bottle.
  4. Eye-mask: anyone who has not tried an eye-mask has not experienced true bliss. This carry-on item is key for catching some Zzz’s.
  5. A pen: no seriously…no one ever has a pen when the custom forms are coming around.
  6. SOCKS: Cool socks are an important airplane essential. Even if you are heading to the tropics, you can bet your socks the airplane is going to be freezing. You may also not want to wear your shoes the entire 12 hour flight to Bora Bora, yet touching the gross airplane floor barefoot isn’t ideal either. Yo Sox™ has a colourful pair of socks for any destination, like our Yo Sox™ Taco Socks , perfect for getting you into Mexican fiesta-mode en route to Cancun.


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