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5 Easy Steps To Improving Your Golf Game

Posted on July 10 2015

Ahhh, the leisurely game of golf. Although not all of us are aiming to be the next Martin Kaymer, like with anything in life, there is always room for improvement. Yo Sox™ is here with a few tips that could help you get that hole in one:

  1. Recognize Your Weakness: Keep simple statistics of your game to understand where you need more work, whether that be fairway hits or greens in regulation. There is even the website that calculates your game analytics. 
  1. Rotate Your Torso: Many players make the mistake of only swinging their arms and wrist and forgetting to rotate their torso. The torso creates the majority of the power in the swing. 
  1. Don’t Forget To Putt: During Tiger Woods’ victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitation several years ago, he made an astonishing 58/58 putts from 6 feet of less. This statistic should is a reminder not to spend all your time hitting balls at the range.


Toronto Maple Leafs legend Wendel Clark at the KRG Children's Foundation Golf Tournament 

  1. Practice Wisely: When you are at the range, its best to create a routine for yourself. Start by spending 15 minutes using a variety of clubs to get a better feel for each one, rather than sticking to one club in particular. Start with the wedge and then work your way up to longer clubs, finally getting to the driver. Then, spend 15 minutes simulating different shots on the golf course by changing clubs every two swings and changing your target every swing. Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself 20-30 minutes to work on your short game. 
  1. Step Up Your Golf Swag: A key component to any sport is confidence. Let Yo Sox™ boost your golf-esteem with one of our fun, golf sock designs. Check out our Golf Club Socks, Golf Balls and Tees Socks as well as our classic Blue & Red Triangle Socks


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