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What Your Drink Says About You

Posted on July 17 2015

Martini: You want to look sophisticated but can’t do scotch. You also really like the olives. May we suggest the Yo Sox™ Martini Man Socks to accompany your order?


                                                Photo by Retail Libbie


Ceasar/Bloody Mary: You’re probably still hangover and this drink is your cure. A side of eggs is a good addition to help you get back to your usual awesome self. Yo Sox™ has you covered with these delicious Egg Socks.


                                                Photo by Blue Blimp


Beer: You’re not too complicated and enjoy the simple things in life, like a nice cold beer. Cheers! You know what goes great with beer? PIZZA. So grab a slice, a cold one and a pair of Yo Sox™ Beer & Pizza Socks.

                                                                                  Photo by Beer101


Vodka-Red Bull: You’re VERY excited, about basically everything. You like it loud and bright and… wow look at those crazy Yo Sox™ Zap Pink Superhero Socks!

                                                        Photo by Mortal Journey


Old Fashioned: As the name states, you’re old fashioned. You like the finer things in life and that includes amazing quality socks, including the Yo Sox™ Grey & Blue Triangle Socks.

                                                    Photo by Bartender89


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