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How To Conquer Your Wanderlust

Posted on July 24 2015

Everyone wants to be more traveled. Nothing beats going to a totally unfamiliar place where everything is new and exciting. However, as much as we want to just drop everything, grab our best pair of Bluntstones, and become an expert adventurer, that’s not always possible. But have no fear! Yo Sox™ has the perfect solution to your bad case of wanderlust: fuzzy and colorful socks! We have picked our favorite travel-inspired socks that are sure to hold you down until your next trip:

 Scotland: Yo Sox™ Red and Blue Triangle Socks


                                        Photo by Moyann Bren


Japan: Yo Sox™ Women’s Sushi Socks


                                                                        Photo by Foross


Australia: Yo Sox™ Blue Shark Socks


France: Yo Sox™ Women’s Paris Socks


                                                                        Photo by Telegraph



England: Yo Sox™ Red Mustache Socks


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