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The 4 Sock Commandments

Posted on July 26 2015

Even the most fashion savvy of individual is bound to make mistakes. We’re here to save you from any sock-fashion blunders you may have been making with these important mantras:




  1. Thou shall not wear white socks outside of sport-related activities. This is a common mistake that has the potential to ruin any look, which even includes a casual jean look. However, if you are partaking in physical activities, white socks often look better.


  1. Thou shall wear dress shoes with dress socks. It is not enough for them to simply be black socks. The reason for this is that athletic socks are often bulkier and made out of heavier fabrics, causing them to bunch over dress shoes. Athletic socks are also often ribbed, and the contrast between that and smooth, high-quality dress shoes can look strange. Thin dress socks also allow for you to more easily slip your dress shoes on and off.


  1. Thou shall match their socks to their pants, not their shoes. When wearing any pants, aside from jeans, your pants, rather than your shoes, should dictate your socks’ color. This is so because if your pants expose your socks, or you must remove your shoes, the carefully matched socks will make the look feel more “fluid”.


  1. Thou shall not wear boring socks. Gone are the days of monotone black socks. Make any look that much more memorable with some awesome Yo Sox™. Try striped socks, red socks, hot dog socks… the possibilities are endless!


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