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How To Choose Your Socks

Posted on October 20 2015

Weekend Warriors Socks

Photo courtesy of @prodigy_fitness

As a male, you probably own more socks than any other wardrobe necessities. You need fashionable socks to wear with your suits for work or weddings, socks to wear to the gym, casual socks for running errands and crazy socks to wear on the weekend.

While it is easy to accumulate socks over time, it is important to try and move away from strictly owning only plain white or gray socks (and giving these up can be hard, we get it!).

But, if you’re one of the guys who tends to wear the safer sock choices, it's time to step your sock game up!

Continue reading below to learn more about the unique sock essentials you need in your sock artillery right now.

The first thing you need to consider is the fit and comfort of the sock. Yo Sox not only takes pride in our truly unique and one of a kind designs, but with the comfort and fit of our socks as well. All of our socks are made with 65% cotton, 32% nylon and 3% elastane, which will provide you with great comfort and lasting durability.

Now comes the fun part: Picking out some new colors and prints!

The Fitness Companion

Even working out can be fun, especially if you add some life to your workout by wearing a pair of crazy socks that are sure to give you super-hero strength.

The Weekend Warrior

The weekend is the perfect time to show off your personality, especially if you aren't fully comfortable wearing bold unique socks throughout the work week. You can add a pair of crazy socks, or a funky mens sock to complete your sock collection.

The colored Stripe

The easiest way to ease into wearing coloured socks is to start with a colourful stripe. Coloured striped socks are a quickly becoming the most popular unique dress socks for men and can come in a variety of colours to complete any ensemble. Rocking a pair of either horizontal or vertical striped socks is a great way to brighten up any suit or even pair of jeans.

Rick Campanelli Stripe Socks

Photo courtesy of @rcampanellietc

Men's Colorful Stripe Socks

Photo courtesy of @turnbullphotography

The Bold Bright 

If your daily wardrobe consists of suits and ties, wearing them every day can become dull and feel repetitive. So the perfect way to liven up your work suit is by adding a bold bright sock! This will really let your personality shine through, so get as bold as you like! All it requires is a little confidence and a pair of awesome dress socks.

The Pattern

Adding a pattern sock to your collection is also a must. Adding in patterns such as argyle, geometric designs and paisley prints are a great way to add some color to your ankles, while still staying traditional and classic.

The Traditional

Another essential you should have is a classic black pair of dress socks, essentially for the days when you run out of fun colorful ones! The beauty of black socks is that they can be worn with anything --from jeans, dress pants to even casual chinos. Add a pair of Yo Sox White Dot socks to your collection.



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