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Never Lose A Sock To The Sock Monster Again

Posted on November 06 2015

sock GobblerOne of the great mysteries of the modern world is one that plagues almost every household: the missing sock.

Follow our simple steps to ensure you'll always have a drawer full of happily paired socks!

-Bunch your socks as soon as you take them off

As soon as you get changed and take your socks off, don’t give them the opportunity to go missing. Bunch them together and throw them into your dirty clothes hamper.

-Double check your pairs before the wash

Before you move your goods into the wash, double check that all of your awesome socks are still paired together. If a sock appears to be alone, leave it in the basket until it's partner turns up.

-Wash socks in separate bag

Now that you have all of your socks paired up, don’t give them a chance to get away in the washing machine. When it comes time to wash your beloved socks, wash them in a washing bag. Washing bags are very cheap and easy to find and are simple, string bags that keep smaller items together and ensure that your socks don't disappear in while in the washer.

-Dry your socks together

Often when you remove your clothes from the washer, you might separate some items to air dry, now is your chance to double check that your socks are still together before they get dried.

-Fold socks properly

Now that your socks are dry it is time to return them to their home. Make sure that you fold them securely and with the correct pair.

If you follow these simple steps we guarantee you won't end up with mismatched socks ever again! And, even if you follow our steps and the sock monster still decides to have you as its victim, be bold and rock two opposite crazy dress socks. If anyone gives you a hard time about your crazy socks, just say the awesome Yo Sox team said it was okay!


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