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YO SOX: James Bond Edition

Posted on November 12 2015

James Bond Socks

The name is Bond... James Bond.

'Spectre,' the 24th instalment of the James Bond series has been rapidly skyrocketing in the box office, earning a whopping $70.4 million in its first days in U.S. theatres.

What is it that makes this 53 year old franchise so popular today? There are always a few key elements that are consistent, so fans can expect what they know and love: guns, girls,gadgets, cars, but most importantly Bond's impeccable style. 

All of the success and hype from the movie definitely has gotten the Yo Sox team thinking about Mr. Bond and his timeless style and what it takes to be the best looking man in any room.

Bond always looks perfect. Even when he is battling his nemesis in the middle of a snow storm!

James Bond Socks

The best part about Bond is that the modern man can easily emulate his style by implementing a few key pieces into their wardrobe. The best way to channel your inner bond is to stick with the classics and make sure they fit properly. Based on Bond's impeccable wardrobe try wearing a double-breasted overcoat, a single-breasted two-button suit, crisp fitted shirt, a sharp tie and a pair of cap-toe oxfords.

The Yo Sox team also has been wondering what kind of trendy socks Mr. Bond might wear. Find our predictions below!

Pin Up Socks

These Yo Sox 'Pin Up Girl Socks' remind us a bit of a Bond Girl. There sexy and cool, which we think Bond would love.

Dots Socks

These Yo Sox polka dot socks are classic, yet demand attention, which is exactly what Mr. Bond does.

Martini Socks

Bond is known to enjoy a crisp Martini, so these Yo Sox martini socks are right up his alley.

(Photos courtesy of JamesBond.Wikia)


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