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Why Socks Are A Fantastic Christmas Gift

Posted on November 27 2015

Great Gift Ideas

There has always been a point in our lives when we truly believed that receiving socks for Christmas was the worst gift imaginable. Yes, perhaps before you opened up a pair of scratchy boring socks from your old aunt, but now receiving a pair of awesome socks on Christmas morning is a good thing.

The Yo Sox team might be a bit biased, but we are here to share with you why cool socks make a great Christmas gift.

Endless options:

Giving socks as a gift is a lot different now then it was a few years ago. Why you ask? Because now there are so many options to choose from. There are wild color combinations, stripes, polka dots, patterns and so many fun prints to pick from.

Whether you're buying for the simple guy, the space aficionado or the foodie, there are socks available for everyone, so you can really get personal.


Unless you are planning on completing your Christmas shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, socks will always be affordable. Whether you are looking to add something to a gift or a stocking, or as a fun gift for a friend, socks are always a purchase that will be easy on the wallet. And, most stores offer discounts on socks if you buy a certain number of pairs. 


Everyone needs socks, it is a fact. So even if the gift recipient isn't overly impressed they received a pair of funky dress socks, it doesn’t matter because chances are at some point they will run out of clean socks and be forced to wear the pair you gave them.

Easy to wrap:

Socks are so easy to wrap. This really isn't a huge benefit of giving a pair of socks, but there is nothing worse than giving a gift that is impossible to wrap. 

New tradition:

Now that socks are a fun staple to add to an outfit, be the cool friend or relative that gives a pair of awesome socks as a gift each Christmas. Start a fun tradition and give a crazier pair to someone each year. 

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  • Guss Holguin: May 27, 2017

    I once received a pair of socks from someone in my family while we were on the outs with each other. I just laughed when I opened them. Now several years later we don’t even acknowledge one another. It’s been five years since we last spoke and if anything I feel like sending an anniversary card reaffirming our estrangement.

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