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Wet Sock Solutions

Posted on December 15 2015

Wet Socks


Tis' the season to be eat, drink and be merry. And with the holiday season well underway, you can almost always guarantee that you will constantly be running out the door to make it to your next holiday party or event. Maybe you're on your way to a holiday party or event and you step into a sloshy puddle and soak your socks, completely ruining your night.

If the place you're heading to has a dryer than you can just pop your socks into the dryer and make due with hanging out in bare feet all night. But if you don't have access to a dryer, Yo Sox has come up with a list of simple alternatives to get your awesome socks dry as quick as possible.

Blow Dryer:
This is the fastest solution if you need dry socks in a hurry. Position the blow dryer into the neck of the sock and blast with hot air. This will allow warm air to fill the inside of the sock, which will result in a quicker dry. Once the inside feels dry, dry down the outside of the sock. This should only take 10-15 minutes.

If you can get access to a heater the this will be the easiest way to dry your damp socks as you are required to do next to nothing to get them dry. Place your awesome socks on top of the heater and flip every 15-20 minutes or depending on how hot the heater is.

This technique is very efficient and only requires about 30-45 minutes of playing the waiting game. Hang your damp socks in front of the fire and flip them every 15 minutes. Just make sure they aren't to close to the flame, otherwise you will be spending your night sockless!

Carry a Second Pair:
This technique may only seem relevant if you had previously had to learn the hard way and spend your night wearing damp socks. But regardless of how organized you want to be, this is a foolproof way to ensure your feet stay dry. If you know you are going out and the weather is crummy, pack an extra pair of awesome socks to play it safe. 


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