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Socks & Chill

Posted on January 05 2016

Socks & Chill

Netflix has just released a pair of awesome socks that pause the show you're watching if you fall asleep. The catch? You have to make them yourself.

So how would one make a pair of these show stopping socks?

Netflix put together a very detailed guide that shows how you can make the socks.. You just need to know how to knit, be comfortable with "electronics and microcontroller programming," and know how to use a soldering iron. (Whatever that is).

But, if you do feel comfortable with all of the requirements and don’t mind following the intense eight step process, you could have yourself a pair of awesome socks that are perfect for those Netflix and chill nights.

There is patterns to follow for all of your favourite Netflix shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bo Jack Horseman, Daredevil, House of Cards and Bloodline.

For those who aren't interested in knitting their own socks and still want a pair of epic socks, then they should check out Yo Sox's awesome collection! The best part is, soldering your socks is not required.

Taco Socks


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