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Camping Essentials That We Always Manage to Forget

Posted on July 06 2016

Camping Essentials

When it comes to camping, it doesn’t matter if you’re a master of organization or known for your detailed packing lists, sooner or later you’re bound to forget an important item — let’s just hope it’s not the tent.

It’s really not hard to do. Your weekend camping essentials must be able to either fit in your car or backpack depending on what kind of camping you’re planning on doing and in the scramble to get everything organized you’re bound to forget something. What’s stressful about camping is that you really rely on the items that you bring. One forgotten item can lead to an instant argument with your fellow campers and ultimately ruin your weekend.

And now that July is well underway, there’s only so many weekends left to go on an epic camping trip. So if you decide to plan a camping trip with your friends before the summer ends, make sure to triple check that you’ve remembered the following items. 

Chances are, you’ll never forget the cooler. But in the rush to get to the lake, stopping to pick up a few bags of ice can go forgotten. Ice is a luxury you’ll want to have while camping and will ensure that your perishable food stays fresh all weekend long.


First Aid Kit
A basic first aid kit is always a camping essential, but it’s easy to forget about this must-have item and on the off chance you have an accident you’ll want to have the extra Band-Aids on hand.

Duct Tape
Duct tape can do basically everything from mending tent rips and torn sleeping bags to securing table clothes and sealing coolers. In a serious pinch and something rips, duct tape will be your savior.

Garbage Bags 
Forgetting to bring garbage brings can set you up for a disastrous weekend, as leftover garbage can attract unwanted visitors such as bears and raccoons. Packing garbage bags is critical for maintaining a tidy campsite and tent and they can be used for storing recycling, trash, dirty clothes, and wet towels. 

Warm Socks
If you’re lucky you’ll be spending your days hanging out by the lake so you might be able to get away with wearing sandals for a better portion of the day. But as the sun goes down, you’re going to want to have some warm socks on hand especially for when it’s time to go to bed. Because there’s nothing worse than going to sleep with cold feet, especially when you’re sleeping outside with little to keep you warm. 

The perfect solution for this is to pack a few extra pairs of thick socks and our Yo Sox men’s crew camouflage socks are perfect the perfect camping essential. 

Camo Socks


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