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How to Survive the Summer Heat

Posted on June 29 2016

Summer Heat

There’s a lot to love about summer — going to the beach, sun tanning, lazy evenings, BBQs and countless outdoor activities. But there are also a number of things that can seriously ruin your day — with heat waves being the biggest culprit. 

Sure, when your home and office has air conditioning you’re extremely fortunate. But when you’re stuck commuting to work when there’s a lack of AC and far too many people squished into a small area it can make for a very unappealing commute.

But rather than let the hot commute get the best of you, you can make a few adjustments to how you commute and you’ll arrive at your final destination feeling like a million bucks.

Wear the Right Clothing: 

A trick to mastering all types of weather is to dress in light breathable layers. This way you can peel layers off when you’re in the direct sun and then put them back on when you need to. 

Find the Shade:
Whether you’re riding the bus, your bike or walking to work, you must always find the spot that’s in the most shade. This way you’ll avoid the direct sunshine and when a light breeze rolls by you’ll always get a direct waft of fresh air.

Opt for the Right Socks:
There’s nothing more unsatisfying than arriving somewhere with foul smelling feet. Blame it on the hot summer heat, but wearing the wrong socks is usually what’s responsible.  No matter what you’re doing, your footwear and socks will prevent your feet from evaporating moisture. This trapped sweat quickly becomes smelly, because of the bacterium that’s feeding on it. 

The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you’re always wearing the proper socks. This means no nylon, synthetic or 100 per cent polyester socks, as they don’t allow sweat to properly evaporate or allow sweat to absorb so your feet will stay wet.

That’s why Yo Sox are the best socks to wear during the warmer summer months  — even our crew socks — as they are made with a breathable blend of polyester, cotton and elastic, so no matter what you’re doing, your feet will be odour free.  But if you’re not a fan of crew socks we now have our no-show footlet socks available, which are perfect for summer and can be worn with all lower sneakers and slip-ons.


No Show Summer Socks


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